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Laboratory Testing and Diagnostics

Assessing patients thoroughly requires the ability to perform tests on them that the doctor can use to further identify and therefore treat the conditions which are causing the patient's symptoms.  The results of diagnostic testing of the blood, urine and stool can help the doctor to focus on a diagnosis and initiate treatment.  At our hospital we have the capability of doing most of our laboratory testing "in clinic".


On Site Blood Testing


We have "in clinic"  capabilities to run Complete Blood Counts, Chemistry Panels and  other special testing. This gives us the capability to test for the presence of:  infection and inflammation, metabolic diseases, endocrine diseases and the evaluation of anemia.  Beyond that we can do special testing to detect: certain viral infections, blood parasites and tick borne diseases,  In addition we can evaluate therapeutic drug levels.  Results from blood testing can give help the doctor to arrive at a diagnosis and a care plan to pursue.  This will get the patient on the way to recovery.  

Other Laboratory Testing

Evaluation of urine is used to investigate possible infections in the urinary system but also kidney function.

Evaluation of stool is used to screen for common and uncommon parasites and intestinal bacterial populations.  Fluid and cell samples from body cavities can reveal the the disease that causes it's accumulation.  Cells collected from suspected tumors can help us to detect possible malignancy.  Material collected from the skin of can reveal the presence of mange, bacterial infection, allergy producing substances such as pollens.  We have the capability to grow bacteria from difficult wounds or urinary tract infections in our incubator for identification and antibiotic testing.

Benefits of in-house diagnostics and bloodwork


Virtually all diagnostic testing necessary to assess and manage a critical case is available in our facility and can be done immediately.  This means that the doctors can rapidly assess and institute therapies and supportive care for critically ill patients.  Most all diagnostic testing is done here in our hospital.  There are some tests used for the diagnosis of less common disease processes that are not available for in clinic testing and must be sent out.   Our reference lab is local and can run those tests and give us the results in the same day.

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